Your connection to Rotary Flap Peening


4Repair provides Rotary Flap Peening services with certified personnel at customer location or in-house, meeting regulatory needs and satisfying the standards of quality in the aviation industry. 

The customer receives a Flap Peen Process Report in which all necessary maintenance data is included. 


Our Rotary Flap Peen equipment complies and exceeds all current Rotary Flap Peening requirements within commercial (OEM manufactures) and military aviation e.g. SAE AMS2590, SAE AS2592, Nadcap, Boeing BAC5730-2 rev D, NADCAP 7117/4, AMS 2590, MIL-R-81841 and MIL-R-81840.


4Repair is an EASA Part 145 company which provides structural metal or combined composite component repair services. Performed in our Component Shop or at customer location On-Wing. 

Our scope of work is not aircraft type or part number related. We are authorized to release all work which falls within the C- ratings, ATA- Chapters and structure classifications as mentioned in our authorized scope of work.

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